Daily Archives: September 25, 2014

Twilight Zone –

It’s 12:09 am and I’m trying to keep myself awake until I board the plane for Malaysia at 1:30 am. I’m tired. No stores or restaurants are open. The few seats in the waiting area that don’t have arm rests separating them are already filled with sleeping travelers. The rest of us are engrossed in our technology. The man to my right is translating the Boy Scout Promise into Chinese. The man to my left is watching a Korean movie. I’m typing nonsense,  afraid if I close my eyes I’ll miss my flight.

Over the past month, I’ve said my “see ya laters”. I’ve visited family, met with friends, and tried to help where I could. My emotional cup could be viewed as either 1/2 full or 1/2 empty.  It’s full because it’s been filled with fun experiences,  memorable encounters, and bucket-list accomplishments. At the same time, it’s drained to almost empty from dealing with normal life passages: aging, love, and reverse culture shock.

I suspect that once I land in Malaysia, get back on a regular sleep schedule, and start our pedaling adventure, the mental exhaustion will be a thing of the past. Physically we may be tired, but mentally I hope we are re-energized and motivated to make the most of our journey.

In the meantime, de de de de de de de de….I’m in the Twilight Zone…..