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Penny is a devoted wife who is excited about the opportunity to join Eric in his retirement fun.

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  1. Enjoyed reading about you and Eric in today’s Wall Street Journal. In fact, it inspired me to commit to riding even more; perhaps, in preparation for a future biking journey.

    Thanks! – Keep Soaring,
    New York City

  2. Penny and Eric – very awesome.

    Small error which might help others. In the “about this trip section” you’ve posted an incorrect website which I found by linking around.

    Here’s the section .. Becoming Warm Showers hosts (www.warmshower.org) and meeting many bikers from around the world inspired us to give cycle touring a try.

    The reference has an “s” missing and should read http://www.warmshowers.org

    Good luck today, Luci

  3. Just saw you Gus on Facebook, so inspired. I am retired my wife has a few years to go then we will start our cycling adventure.

      1. That is to be determined, we live in northern California so we will probably start around here. We would like to ride route 66 or the Lincoln hwy

  4. Just finished cycling to Port Macquarie from Tweed Heads along the coast road, but lots of HWY riding. You need to go to Yamba, ferry to Iluka, Evans Head to Ballina, rest day, go to Lennox Head then onto Byron Bay, rest day. On to Tweed Heads. Beautiful coast along the way. Enjoy your trip.

    1. Very helpful! Got out the map today and marked the ferry at Yamba. We know today will be a hwy day…our first in a long time..Enjoy your trip, too. Keep to the Natinal Parks near the coast…dirt tracks but peaceful.

  5. Hi Penny, Another suggestion, If you go to Grafton, this is a very busy city – take great care. When leaving don’t go on the HWY, take the Grafton – Lawrence rd to Lawrence, great ride along the river and very little traffic. This leads to a ferry ride across the river and take you to MacLean – a Scottish town, then on to Yamba. I stayed at the caravan park in the town at Yamba.

  6. Sorry to hear you are leaving OZ, so much more to see. I’m pleased you enjoyed your trip and I’ve loved reading your story. Having finished riding a similar route to you by just a few weeks I have been re living the trip. Thank you. I wish you well on your next journey and will continue following your stories. Regards, Gary.

    1. We’ll just have to come back to OZ and spend time in the places we didn’t see. Too bad our paths did not cross..Are you still riding?

  7. I’m only riding on the weekends now, back at work, a few more years to retirement then I’m off following in your tracks. You are living my dream retirement. I look forward to your European route. Germany sounds great.

  8. Penny,

    Enjoying following your blog and adventures. I’m a few years away from retirement but recently spent two weeks in Canada with my wife biking in and around Ottawa (believe it or not) on beach cruisers. Since my wife and I are not serious bikers (yet) and Ottawa provided the best biking lanes I’ve ever come across these cruisers were more than adequate.

    I read your article in the WSJ and saw you may be interested in Canada at some point. I would like to highly recommend Ontario and Quebec and especially Ottawa. There is much to see and do in Ottawa and it is a very bike friendly city, as well as clean and safe (I’m from Virginia). There are also many parks along the bike routes and canals which were a perfect backdrop to the nice June weather in Canada, never getting above 80 degrees while we were there.

    Even though my wife and I are not yet serious bikers, your story is wetting my appetite to begin to explore a retirement plan of travel and biking as well. I especially would agree with your description in the WSJ of “Another reward is the daily feeling of accomplishment”. Although our daily treks in Ottawa were more around the 10-15 mile range, I too felt a feeling of great accomplishment and also enjoyed the added reward of feeling healthy and losing a few pounds.

    I look forward to more of you and your husband’s stories and wish you luck, good weather and health. Thanks

    1. Thank you so much for writing. And, I’m especially intrigued about the cycling in Ottawa and between Ontario and Quebec. My husband was born in Quebec and would love to travel more in Canada. This area gives us a good destination and plan for the near future.

      I love the fact that you and your wife ride 10-15 miles on cruiser bikes! No matter what kind of bike I’m on – from free city bikes to light-weight road bikes and all kinds in between – it’s the freedom, the wind blowing through my hair, the new sites, etc. that make it so fun. The point is really about getting out and riding – doesn’t really matter what kind of bike.

      That being said, if you do get serious about longer distances and hills, I think you’ll appreciate the gearing and frame geometry that make that type of riding a bit easier which, in turn can add to the fun. Good luck and safe, happy riding to you and your wife, too!

  9. Hi Penny! Congratulations on finishing your trip – and what greater place to do it then at the foot of the Matterhorn in Zermatt! Really nice to run into you – we posted a picture on our page because you are a inspiration to us all!
    Rock on!
    BB, Guitarist & Manager, BACK:N:BLACK

  10. Just testing your website. Loved meeting you! I can call you this weekend as we aren’t going anywhere until Sept. Is this ok?

  11. Hi Penny:

    I love all of your blog and have been reading steadily since you were in WSJ. It has given me plenty of ideas for my own retirement. And inspiration for my everyday rides here in Ohio.

    Please break the silence and let us know what you have been up to!

    Thanks. All the best from Buckeye Nation.


    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for writing. I will definitely put up a new post or two this Thanksgiving week. I’ve started several and but got sidetracked. We’re still riding quite a bit – Eric especially – but my time is a little more limited due to saying “yes” to an unexpected teaching English at a local school…it wasn’t in the plan…but I’m actually loving it and the schedule works pretty well. For example,we took a great 8-day fall trip in Southern Utah and we’re planning a long cycling trip this summer.

      How soon will you be retiring?

      I hope you include Colorado in your cycling plans. It’s beautiful here!


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