About this Trip

Eric and I have been cycling together since our marriage 30 years ago. We enjoyed many rides in Arizona including an overnight trip to the Grand Canyon and another weekend trip to the Mogillion Rim where we woke up and decided a 40 mile roundtrip bike ride from our camp site to Flagstaff for pancakes instead of cold cereal was a good idea.

Fast forward 30 years and Eric’s job put him in Malaysia where the work hours were long and the day time temperatures and humidity made jogging unbearable. Biking at 4:45 am became the perfect solution.

Several longer Sunday rides introduced us to the Malaysian biking community. Becoming Warm Showers hosts (www.warmshower.org) and meeting many bikers from around the world inspired us to give cycle touring a try.

Eric had been toying with the idea retiring for several years and, being in Malaysia and close to lots of good cycling, the idea of starting out on our bicycles from our front door in Malaysia made lots of sense.

We don’t have a solid plan other than to just start riding and see where the roads take us. We may be gone a week, a month, or a year….This website will chronicle our journey.