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  1. It is very interesting reading about your inspirational cycling adventures. I was particularly interested to hear about the New Zealand part of it and the kms travelled each day over hilly terrain as well. Hope your latest riding tour in beautiful Germany goes well and the summer heat is not too exhausting. Be interesting to hear how the new bike goes for your husband.
    Regards Judith

    1. Judith, Thanks for writing! Germany has been great and the heat is manageable by starting earlier in the morning and finding some shade mid-day. My husband loves his new bike which has made a big difference in his riding. It was a good decision. If you have any questions about New Zealand, please let me know. I’ll be glad to answer them.

  2. Penny is was great to see you again! Enjoy ride the rockies! You are definitely in shape, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Just looked up the route. Challenging but fun…
    Sometime we will should get together and I would love to hear about yours and Erics

    Sharon Neil

    1. Hi Sharon, Great to know you are neighbors! What a small world. We will definitely get together after the summer cycling adventures.

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