Our Route

Sept. 28, 2014 – Trial Ride  Lumut to Swiss Garden Resort – 47 km RT
Sept. 30, 2014 – Lumut to Taiping – 91 km. Beautiful day until the last 10 km where we got soaked in the rain.
Oct. 1, 2014 – Taiping to Parit Buntar – 100 km. Hot. Today’s ride was supposed to take us to Penang. One wrong turn eventually brought us 47 km south of our intended destination.
Oct. 2, 2014 – Parit Buntar to Georgetown – 56 km. Overcast but humid. Cycled around Penang to the Thai Consulate.
Oct. 3, 2014 – Cycling to Thai Consulate and around Penang. 35 km.
Oct. 4, 2014 – Rest Day – Rode Bus and Funicular up Penang Hill
Oct. 5, 2014 – Georgetown to Alor Setar. 102 km. Overcast and rainy making for a great ride.
Oct. 6, 2014 – Alor Setar, Malaysia to Dunnok, Thailand. 47 km.
Oct. 7, 2014 – Dunnok to Hat Yai. 62 km.
Oct. 8, 2014 – Hat Yai to Ko Yo via Songkhla and some various sightseeing. 60 km.
Oct. 9, 2014 – Ko Yo to Ranot – 90 km. Rode along the coast and through small villages. Beautiful day.
Oct. 10, 2014 – Ranot to Nakon Si Thammarat – 100 km. Very hot and sunny.

Oct. 11, 2014 – Nakon Si Thammarat to Sichon – 77 km. Hot. Head wind for last 20 km.

Oct. 12, 2014 – Sichon – Bo Phut, Koh Samui – 66 km + ferry ride + 25 km. Lots of hills.

Oct. 13, 2014 – 25 km cycling around Koh Samui

Oct. 14, 2014 – Rest Day – 25 km to massage and lunch and dinner.

Oct. 15, 2014 – Bike from hotel to Lombraya Ferry Pier – Ferry to Champhon Pier – Then Bike to Weu Laen Beach – 45 km.

Oct. 16, 2014 – Wau Laen Beach to Bang Boet Beach – 83 km. Beautiful rolling hills, sea view and bike lane for part of the road.

Oct. 17, 2014 – Bang Boet Beach to Ban Krut Beach –  One of the most beautiful rides we’ve done along the Gulf of Thailand – 79 km.

Oct. 18, 2014 – Ban Krut Beach to Prachuap Khiri Khan – Another beautiful ride except for 20 km along HWY 4. 60 km.

Oct. 19, 2014- Prachuap Khiri Khan – Sam Roy Yok Beach – Beautiful ride through a national park and along the seashore. 79 km.

Oct. 20, 2014 – Sam Roy Yok to Hua Hin – 48 km – Rode along the coast and through a beautiful national park.

Oct. 21, 2014 – Sightseeing our Hua Hin – 22 km – Then took the train to Bangkok.

Oct. 22,  2014 – Night Ride in Bangkok – 23 km – Rode with 125 riders through the traffic of Bangkok

Oct. 23, 2014 – Train to Ayutthaya and then cycled around the ruins. 35 km.

Oct. 24, 2014 – Train to Ratchaburi and then cycled through rice paddies and beautiful countryside 32 km.

Oct. 25, 2014 – Truck ride to the hills west of  Ratchaburi and cycled west up and down hills and around a mountain. 50 km.

Oct. 25, 2014 – Evening ride around town. 20km

Oct. 26, 2014 – Rest day in Bangkok

Oct. 27, 2014 – Rest day in Bangkok.

Oct. 28, 2014 – Cycle from Bangkok to Nakhon Prathom. Tons of traffic, overpasses, stress, 63 km.

Oct. 30, 2014 – Nakhon Prathom to Kanchanaburi. Flat, hot and  humid. 80 km.

Oct. 31, 2014 – Visited historical sites regarding the Death Railway. 25 km.

Nov. 1, 2014 – Rest Day. Took taxi to Hellfire Pass Museum.

Nov. 2, 2014 – Two rides. Early morning ride to Stone Garden near Kanchanaburi. 25 km. Took mini van to Ayuttuya and then rode around town. 20 km.

Nov. 3, 2014 – Ayutthuya to Lopburi –

Nov. 4, 2014 – Lopburi to Sinbguri – 70

Nov. 5, 2014 – Singburi to Chai Nat – 50 km

Nov. 6, 2014 – Chai Nat – Nakhon Sawan – 88 km

Nov. 7, 2014 – Nakhon Sawan  to Phitchit district – 90 km

Nov. 8, 2014 – Phitchit district to Phitsanulok – 46 km. Then biked around town for another 15 km.

Nov. 9, 2014 – Phitsanulok to Sukothai – 70 km.

Nov. 10, 2014 – Cycled to the ruins of Historic Sukothat – 55 km

Nov. 11, 2014 – Rode bus from Sukothai to Lampang – 130 km

Nov. 12, 2014 – Lampang to Lamphun – 70 km.

Nov. 13, 2014 – Cycled to Sukothai Bus Terminal 11 km – then rode bus to Lampang – 214 km.

Nov. 14, 2014 – Lampang to Lamphun – 82 km

Nov. 15, 2014 – Cycled around Chiang Mai – 37 km

Nov. 16, 2014 – Joined Chiang Mai Sunday Cycling Group – 61

Nov. 17-19 – Rested in Chiang Mai

Nov. 20  – Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao – 83 km . Beautiful ride with our Warmshowers host – 75 km.

Nov. 21 – Chiang Dao to Cha Prakon – Took the long, very hilly route. Pushed our bikes for about 2 hours of the 5 hours of riding. 75 km.

Nov. 22 – Cha Prakon to Tha Ton – 55 km. Mostly down hill. Got in early in the afternoon and enjoyed a swim and read by the pool.Mai Chan

Nov. 23 – Tha Ton to Chiang Rai – We  took a long boat. The river ride took about 4 hours.

Nov. 24 – Chiang Rai – Mai Chan – 54 km. Fairly easy ride. We took lots of stops to visit Hill Tribes, Pineapple farms, etc.

Nov. 25 – Mai Chan to Chiang Sai – 57 km.

Nov. 26 – Chiang Sai to Chaing Khong – 79 km. Very hilly, especially at the end. Found a great restaurant called The View.

Nov. 27 – Thanksgiving Day – Chiang Khong to Houay Xay, Laos – 40 km. Border crossing.

Nov. 28  – Houay Xay – Pak Beng – Slow River Boat to Pak Beng.  11 km.

Nov. 29 – Pak Beng – to Luang Prabang – 2nd Day of slow boat ride and the 10 km to town by bike.

Nov. 30 – Cycled around Luang Prabang – 10 km. Very casual, relaxing day.

Dec. 1 – Cycled to Kwang Le Waterfall 0 – 65 km. Rolling hills.

Dec. 2 – Luang Prabang to Kiew Ka Cham 78 km. Very steep hills.

Dec. 3  – Kiew Ka Cham to Hot Springs 20 km before Kasi. 75 km. Very hilly.

Dec. 4 – Hot Springs to Vang Vieng – 77 km. Some hills but more down hill.

Dec. 5 – Vang Vieng rest day.

Dec. 6 – Cycled around Vang Vieng – 45 km. Dirt roads and lots of potholes.

Dec. 7 – Cycled south towards Vientiane- 110 km.

Dec. 8 – Cycled into Vientiane – 35 km.

Dec. 9-11 – Toured around Vientiane

Dec. 12 – Took bus to Vinh, Vietnam – 15 km ride to hotel

Dec. 13 – Cycled around Vinh – 12 km.

Dec. 14 – Cycled around Vinh – 15 km.

Dec. 15 – Cycled south to Ha Tinh – 57 km.- Stayed on one-lane road nearest to the ocean. Bumpy roads but really scenic and interesting.

Dec. 16 – Ha Tinh to Ky Ann – 65 km – Hwy 1 very busy and loud.

Dec. 17 – Ky Ann to Dong Hoi – 92 km. – Lots of road construction but the road over Ngang Pass was beautiful. Hwy 1 will be great when it’s finished. In the meantime, it’s very dusty and noisy. Wear a face mask.

Dec. 18 – Dong Hoi to Dong Ha – 130   km – We left Hwy 1A at Ho XA and took route 70 to  the Vinh Moc tunnels and the continued on towards Cua Viet before getting on Route 9 back to Dong Ha.

Dec. 19 – Dong Ha to Hue’ – 90 km. We started at the Mine Safety Museum in Dong Ha and then cycled Route 1 to Quang Tri. There we took route 6 B and sometimes 6C (also called 49 B & C through rice paddies and came into Hue on Route 4. (The numbers on Pocket Earth don’t necessarily match the route numbers on the cement sign posts. At one point we had to back track because the road was under water due to rain. All in all, in was a beautiful, but long ride along dikes and through small villages.

We’ve Cycled 4066 km!!!

Dec. 20 – Walked around Hue’

Dec. 21 – Short cycle tour of town. Rain.

Dec. 22 – Hue’ to Lang Co Beach –  90 km.Rain most of the day, beautiful scenery, some road construction and potholes on route 49B.

Dec 23 – Lang Co Beach to DeNang over Hai Van Pass. 42 km. This is one of the most beautiful rides I’ve ever done. Light traffic, 10 km hill climb up 482 meters, switchbacks and great ride into town.

Dec. 24 – Cycled around Da Nang and across all the neat bridges. Visited Linh Ung Pagoda. 50 km.

Dec. 25 – Christmas Day – relaxed and watched movies in the hotel room.

Dec. 26 – More cycling around Da Nang – 25 km.

Dec. 27 – Da Nang to Hoi An – 35 km – Stopped by Marble Mountain. Enjoyed the slow leisurely ride.

Dec. 28 – Hoi An to Tam My – 65 km. Rode inland along the coast from route 613 about 20 km south of Hoi An. It rained really hard most of the day so we stopped early in Tam My.

Dec. 29 – Tam My to Quang Ngah – 67 km. Rode a little with a cycle tourist from China. Arrived early enough to town to cycle around town.

Dec. 30 – Quang Ngah to Son My memorial and on to Long Thanh. 100 km. Visiting the memorial was sad. The road south had lots of construction but it was a sunny day and the shoulder was wide.

Dec. 31 – Long Thanh to Quy Nhon – 112 km. Today was hot, dusty and noisy on Hwy 1A but the last 20 km into town veered off the main highway and wound through villages and beautiful rice fields. Our hotel is located right on the beach with a beautiful view and a nice way to “ring in the New Year.”

Total mileage to date is 4698 kilometers.

Jan. 1, 2015 – Rest day in Quy Nhon.

Jan. 2 – Rest day in Quy Nhon

Jan 3. – Quy Nhon – 101 km. Tuy Hoa via route 1D and 1A. The scenery on 1D was stunning with very little traffic. We met another cyclist just south of Song Cau and rode the rest of the way to Tuy Hao. It was wet, muddy and loud on 1A but still a nice ride.

Jan. 4 – Tuy Hoi to Ninh Hoa – 96 km. Rainy with hills and one 150 hill climb. Traveled on 1A along the coast. Rode with two Dutch cyclists.

Jan.5 – Ninh Hoa – Nha Trang – 44 km. – Took route 627 around the peninsula. Beautiful road. No traffic.

Jan 6. – Rest day – cleaned and repaired bicycles.

Jan 7.  – Nha Trang – Da Lat – 141 km. Elevation gain 2680. Time 15 hours. Very hilly, very beautiful, very hard ride.

Jan. 8. – Cycled around Da Lat.

Jan 9. Cycled around Da Lat.

Jan. 10 – Dalat to Boa Loc – 111 km, mostly downhill though coffee plantations, tea plantations and vegetable farms. The road is horrible with a steep drop off to the potholed shoulder but the scenery was great.

Jan 12, 2015 – Boa Loc to Cat Tien National Park – 77 km.

Jan 13, 2015  – Cat Tien National Park – rented rusty MTB’s because we the park wouldn’t let us use our own bikes. Cycled 20 km around the park.

Jan 14, 2015 – Cat Tien National Park to Bin Hoah – 35 km. Broke a spoke and took a mini van to Bin Hoah.

Jan. 15 – Took Taxi into Ho Chi Minh City. Dropped off bikes for repairs.

Jan. 16 – Jan 24 – Ho Chi Minh City – Sightseeing, short bike rides, resting, planning for Indonesia.

Jan. 24 – Ho Chi Minh City – Jakarta, Indonesia Flight

Jan. 25 – Rode in Jakarta’s “Car Free Sunday” and around the city. 51 km.

Jan. 26 – Biked to bicycle shop and starting leaving town. 36 km. Lots of freeways, traffic, and navigation issues.

Jan. 27 – Bekasi to East Kumpanang – 68 km. Lots of traffic and pot holed roads.

Jan. 28 – Kumpanang to Indermayu – 107 km. Lots of traffic and lots of poverty.

Jan. 29 – Indermayu – Cirabon – 78 km. The scenery got much better today.

Jan. 30 – Cirabon to Tegal – 71 km. Very hot and a lot of traffic.

Jan. 31 – Tegal – Purwokerto – 108 km. Some hills. Bad road. Beautiful scenery. Lush and green.

Feb. 1 – Purwokerto – 22 km. Cycled up to the volcano but we got caught in a horrible thunderstorm so we rode back down and relaxed in a coffee shop.

Feb. 2 – Purwokerto – Gombong – 63 km. Another really busy day with traffic and very few sights.

Feb. 3 – Gombong – Boroduru (the temples) – 89 km. Lots of hills but the scenery was good. We are at a nice, quite, beautiful hotel.

Feb. 4 – Boroduru – Yogyakarta – 44 km. Beautiful ride on small country roads.

Feb. 5. Yogyakarta – Rest Day

Feb. 6 – Cycled to Prabmanan – 40 km. Another great ride through villages.

Feb. 7 – Anto took us around town to local temples. 30 km.

Feb. 8 – Yogyakarta to Melang by train.

Feb. 9 – Malang to Cemorolawang (Mt. Bromo) by 4WD.

Feb. 10 – Cemoro Lawang (Mt. Bromo) – Pantai – The 40 km downhill from Mt. Bromo was sooooo fun and scenic. It was a 2112 m. descent. Fastest speed was 57 km/hour. The 40 km from Probolinggo to was filled with traffic. The road was horrible. We had to exit to the rocks on the side of the road 3 times. We’ve decided to take the bus tomorrow to the ferry terminal for Bali.

Feb. 11 – Pantai to Bali (near the national park on the NW border – 17km ride, 130 mini bus and ferry , 20 km ride to hotel.

Feb. 12 – Hotel to Lovina Beach – 58 km.

Feb. 13 – Cycled around Lovina Beach – 28 km.

Feb. 14 – Lovina Beach to Candi Kuning/Danu Waduk – 41.7 km. This was a very hilly ride with lots of pushing uphill. 1535 meter ascent and 363 descent. The views were spectacular.

Feb 15 – Candi Kuning to Ubud – 54.2 Km. This was another beautiful ride. We chose a side road which meant more uphill but less traffic. It was worth it. 1322 m descent and 465 m uphill.

Feb. 16 – Ubud to Denpasar – 36.3 km. This is our final ride in SE Asia. Afterwords we took our bikes to the motorcycle car wash and then finished the fine detailing at our hotel room.

6543 kilometers to date!

Feb. 17 – 20 – Rest Days.

Feb. 20 – Flight to Christ Church, NZ.

Feb. 21 – Cycled around Christ Church to find bicycle repair shops 30 km

Feb. 22 – Christ Church and shopping for camping – 28 km.

Feb. 23 – Christ Church

Feb. 24 – Christ Church to Brighton Beach – 58 km

Feb. 25 – Christ Church to Greytunnel- 81 km. – Very windy gusts blowing us off the road. We took a scenic route along the river and couldn’t find the campsite we were looking for.

Feb. 26  – Greytunnel to Methven – 48 km. Easy day. Took a side route to find a bicycle shop. Enjoyed the local Pub for Friday night.

Feb. 27 – Methven to Geraldine – 72 km – Flat and a little long and boring.

Feb 28  – Methven to Fairlie 48 km. – Rolling hills with some long climbs. Sunny and beautiful day.

Mar. 2 – Fairlie  to Lake Tekapo – 48 km. – Gradual uphill most of the way. Very windy for the last 10 km.

Mar. 3 – Lake Tekapo – 10 km hike up to St. John’s Observatory and back along the shore of Lake Tekapo. Beautiful weather. Sunny and hot.

Mar 4 – Lake Tekapo – Twizel – 58 km – Beautiful ride! A great view around every corner.

Mar 5  – Twizel – Oamaru – 33 km. Took an easy day to give Eric’s neck a rest.

Mar 6 – Omarama – rest day and rain day.

Mar. 7 – Omarama – rest day and rain day.

Mar. 8 – Omarama – Luggate – 102 Km – Very windy at first. Long, slow climb to Lindis pass. Beautiful coffee stop at Tarras. The last 20 km were very beautiful. The campsite at the Cricket Grounds is very inexpensive and interesting.

Mar. 9 – Luggate – Wanaka – 35 km. Beautiful ride downhill into the town with Lake Wanaka in the background. The campsite had free saunas and spas. It was really fun to stay here. I also did a 10 km hike up to Rob Toy Peak.

Mar. 10 –  Mountain Bike trip along Lake Wanaka to Glendhu Bay. 35 km. This was a really fun ride.

Mar. 11 – Lake Wanaka to Arrow Town – 56 km. The climb up Crown Ridge was long and slow and the last kilometer was really steep. The ride downhill towards Queenstown was fantastic.

Mar. 12 – ArrowTown – Queenstown – Took the dirt track and it was beautiful. Biked through Milltown Golf course during a PGA tournament. Lots of hills.

Mar. 13 – Rest Day – Took Steamer Ferry to Walter Peak for delicious lunch.

Mar. 14 — Rest Day – Drove to Glenorchy Bay and ate fish and chips

Mar. 15 – Queenstown to Malvora Lakes – 88 km – including cycling the Queenstown track, ferry to Walter Peak, dirt track to Malvora Lakes

Mar. 16 – Malvora Lakes to Te Anau –  67 km – mostly riding downhill through sheep stations. Very cold ride. Stopped and made coffee on the side of the road.

Mar. 17 – Bus/Cruise to Millford Sound – Beautiful ride and relaxing day.

Mar. 18 – Te Anau to Lake Manipouri – 29 km. Easy, beautiful day. Stayed in a motel and relaxed with internet, books, and downloading movies.

Mar. 19 – Lake Manipouri to Tuatapere – 80 km. The scenery was beautiful but getting repetitive – reminding me of Western Colorado and making me homesick. Jerico Hill surprised us and was tough.

Mar. 20 – Tuatapere to Invercargill – 89 km of rolling hills. Nice change of scenery from mountains to seaside and green rolling hills. Weather warmer but the rolling hills really wore both of us out.

Mar. 21 – Invercargill – Rest day/Rain – Visited a museum, saw a movie, and relaxed.

Mar. 22 – Invercargil to Slope Point, Catlins. – 71 km. Lots of rolling hills. It was a very rough day and our legs felt like led. We hiked from our house (yes, we had a house with a wood-burning stove) to Slope Point. 8.5 km

Mar. 23  – Slope Point to Whistling Frog Cafe and campgound in the Catlins – 55 km. Today was very enjoyable as we made lots of stops – Curio Bay, Niagra Falls, Catlins National Park Rain Forest.

Mar. 24 – Slope Point to Nugget Beach to Balclutha – 55 km. Hills but working into flats as we got closet to Balclutha. We hitch hiked at Molyneux Bay to Nugget Point.

Mar. 25 – Balclutha to Dunedin via Waihole and Taleri Mouth. 85 km. Flat mostly to Lake Waihole. The hill between the oak and Taleri Mouth was very steep. It actually surprised us at how steep it was. The road along the beach to Dunedin was beautiful. The last hills into Dunedin are very steep, especially after a long, hilly day.

Mar. 26 – Dunedin – rest day except for some sightseeing in town. 22 km. The ride back to our warm showers house was very steep.

Mar. 27 – Dunedin to Otaga Peninsula –  72 km. beautiful, flat ride along the seaside to the Peninsula. Head wind going out, tail wind coming in. Lovely ride.

Mar. 28 – Dunedin to Middlemarch via Taieri Gorge Scenic Railway – a narrow gauge beautiful train rain.

Mar. 30 – Middlemarch to Waipiata – 55 km.

Mar. 31-  Waipiata to Naseby – 31 km. Very hilly. Seemed harder than it should have..windy.

Apr. 1 – Naseby to Omakau – 80 km – Most of the ride is downhill.

Apr. 2 – Omakau to Cromwell – 70 km. Great ride until Clyde. Then very strong northwesterly winds to Cromwell.

Apr. 3 – Cromwell to Wanaka – 60 km. Very strong headwinds but clear skies and beautiful ride.

Apr. 4 – Rest Day in Wanaka – Saw the movie “Wild” at the local cinema.

Apr. 5 – Wanaka to Makarora – 70 km. – Beautiful ride along Lake Hawae and Lake Wanaka. Some big hills at first. We were lucky and had no northwesterly winds.

We’ve ridden 8500 km

Apr. 6 – Makarora to Haast over Haast Pass – 82 km. The pass was not as difficult as it was made out to be. We did get caught in rain for the last 20 km.

Apr. 7 – Haast Village to Bruce Bay – 86 km. – Stayed at a great self-contained room on Hunt’s Beach.
Apr. 8 – Bruce Bay to Fox Glacier – 37 km.
Apr 9. – Rest Day at Fox Glacier – Cycled to Lake Matheson and hiked around the lake. Then cycled to the glacier and hiked up to the glacier.
Apr. 10 – Fox Glacier to Franz Joseph Glacier – 27 km. This ride had three steep hills but didn’t seem as bad as we’d heard it was.
Apr. 11 – Franz Joseph  to Hari Hari – 62 km. – We stopped here just at the rain started falling. It was a cold rain bringing lots of snow to the mountains.
Apr. 12 – Rain day at Hari Hari.
Apr. 13 – Hari Hari to Hokatika- 77 km. The day was chilly but we had a nice, strong southerly wind to push along.
Apr. 14 – Hokatika to Greymouth – 68 km. We turned inland to follow the Gold Miner’s Trail near Stafford. Then we connected with the West Coast Wilderness Trail ( a new cycle trail) near Dillmanstown and followed the trail into Greymouth. Snow capped mountains to the east and huge crashing waves on the west.
Apr. 15 – Greymouth to Punakaiki – 46 km. Gorgeous ride along the coast.
Apr. 16 – Punakaiki to Westport – 55 km. Even more beautiful than yesterday for the first 35 km. Found a great pizza place called Jack’s pizza in the middle of nowhere around km30 form Punakaiki.

We’ve ridden 9067 kilometers.

Apr. 17 – Westport to Murchison – 100 km. Lovely ride along Buller Gorge. Lots of hill climbs so we left early and rode hard arriving in Murchison around 4:00 pm.

Apr.18 – Murchison to Tapawere – 83 km. – Another hilly ride but beautiful, sunny day and little traffic. –

Apr. 19 – Tapawere to Motueka – 64 km – At Woodstock we turned onto the Great Taste Trail – lovely and NO cars.

Apr. 20 – Hiked in Abel Tasman National Park

Apr. 21 – Motueka to Richmond – 56 km. Took the Great Taste Trail and enjoyed the sites.

Apr. 22 – Richmond to Nelson – 20 km. This was an easy day giving us time to hike to the Center of NZ and relax in town.

Apr. 23 – Nelson to Havelock – 77 km. We cycled over two saddles but the grade was not steep so it didn’t seem too difficult. The sun was shining and the fall colors were beautiful.

Apr. 24 – Havelock to Picton – 46 km. Beautiful ride along Queen Charlotte Road. Arrived in Picton at 12:57 pm and caught the 1:15 pm ferry to Wellington.

Apr. 25 – 27 Wellington rest days

Apr.28 – Train to National Park

Apr. 29 – National Park to Turangi – 50 km. Downhill with a tail wind. But, cloudy so we couldn’t see the volcanos.

Arp 30 – Turangi to Taupo – 85 km – Beautiful tail wind. Nice ride.

May 1 – Taupo to Rotorua – 64 km – Another nice tailwind.

May 2 – Rotorua to Tauranga – 64 km. Lots of up and down hillls

May 3 – Tauranga to Katikati – 38 km. Hwy 2 had tons of traffic. Good shoulder but not very relaxing…noisy.

May 4 – Katikati to Paeroa using the Hautika Rail Trail – 57 km. We started on busy hwy 2 but changed to the rail trail at Waihi. Lovely afternoon with relatively flat gravel roads, bridges and a great railroad tunnel. Loved today.

May 5 – Paeroa to Thames – 34 km. Completed the Hautika Rail Trail. Calm day but had to cross lots of cattle guards. Took the bus to Auckland and arrived about 4:30 pm.

May 6 – Auckland – 40 km. Drived to several bicycle shops to find Eric a new Surly bicycle.

May 7 – Auckland – Rest Day – Had lovely tour guides drive us around town.

May 8 – Auckland to Auckland airport – 28 km. Lots of rain!

This completes our cycle tour of New Zealand. 9968 kilometers to data. (Almost 10,000)

May 9 – 10 – Rest Days in Sydney

May 12 – Ferry to Manly and cycled around the town.  15 km.

May 13 – Sydney to Wollongong – Took train to Wollongong. Cycled to Shell Harbour. 30 km. Started as a beautiful day and ended with a chilling rain.

May 14 – Shell Harbour to Bundanoon – 76 km. Mostly uphill through Jamboroo on a very scenic highway. Stayed at the Bundanoon YHA which was lovely – wood burning stove, piano and very few guests. Loved it.

May 15 – Bundanoon to Goulburn – 66 km. The first 30 km were beautiful on HWY 16 through Penrose and Tallong. At Marulan we got on the Hume Highway 31 which was noisy with lots of truck traffic but a very wide shoulder.

May 16 -Goulburn to Bungendore – 74km. In spite of a u-turn to pick up some glasses and a flat tire, we made it to Bungendore before sunset. Late afternoon the winds died down and the ride was beautiful.

May 17 – Bungendore to Canberra –  56 km – We had an easy ride into Canberra and loved the cycle paths throughout the city.

May 18 – Canberra – Rest Day

May 19 – Canberra to Yass – 61 km. – Rolling hills and rain. Took a dirt track for about 15 km. Cold and muddy when we arrive in Yass.

May 20 – Train to Melbourne

May 21 – Rest Day Melbourne

May 22 – Melbourne to Geelong – 94 km. We followed cycle paths and farm roads avoiding highways and traffic.

May 23 – Geelong to Torquay – 40 km.  We took a long way following cycle paths and country roads tot he west of Torquay.

May 24 – Torquay to Lorne -50 km. Beautiful, sunny day. The scenery was spectacular.

May 25 – Lorne to Apollo Bay – 52 km.  – Sunny and beautiful.

May 26 – Apollo Bay to Princetown – 86 km. 1300 meters of climbing. 1200 meters of descending. Beautiful but very tiring.

May 27 – Princetown to Timboon – 43 km. This was a fairly easy ride with lots of stops and cycles to viewpoints of The Twelve Apostles. A beautiful day.

May 28 – Timboon to Camperdown – 44 km. We took the Crater to Coast Trail, an old rail trail, through some beautiful bush. Some parts of the trail are single track hiking trails skirting around the  decaying trestle bridges. The last part of the ride is up a steep hill on a paved road between two large crater lakes. Then we took the evening train to Geelong.

May 29 – Rest day. Took a 10 km coastal walk with friends and hosts Barrie and Jennie around Ocean Grove and Queenscliff.

May 30 – Ocean Grove to Rye – 30 km. Took the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorento and then cycled along Phillip Bay to Rye. Watched lots of kite surfers.

May 31 – Rye to Frankston – 50 km. Easy ride with a tail wind along the Bay. Pulled in to Frankston just before a large, cold cloudburst.

June 1 – Frankston to St. Kilda – 55 km. Another great day! Cycle tracks the whole way. Scenery varied from bush inland to coastal waves.

June 2 – June 5 – Sightseeing Days in Melbourne.  78 km – Rode the tram on a rainy day. The rest of the time we cycled around the city.

June 6 – Melbourne – 50 km. Took Capital City trail to the east and back. Then took bikes to train station and packed them for the ride north to Sydney.

June 7 – Arrived New Castle – Cycled around NewCastle 17 km.

June 8 – New Castle to Cessnock – 79 km. Took the scenic route. Then stopped for wine tasting at the end of the day.

June 9 – Cycling Around Hunter Valley 50 km. Beautiful rolling hills, vineyards, small lakes, wine tasting.

June 10 – Cessnock to East Maitland – 36 km. A large, drenching rain storm caused us to shorten our ride and check into Maggie Morgan’s Motel for the remainder of the day.

June 11 – East Maitland to Nelson Bay – 68 km. The ride was relatively easy except we had to put on and take off rain gear several times and fix my flat tire (3 different holes.)

June 12 – Nelson Bay to Mungo Brush/Bombah 50 km

June 13 – Bombah to Forster -61 km

June 14 – Forster to Taree – 64 km – Spent most of the ride on National Park roads.

June 15 – Taree to Laurieton – 78 km – Busy roads exiting Taree.

June 16 – Laurieton to Port Macquarie – 47 km – Rain clouds hovered all day but we were lucky and never got caught. Came into town on the coastal road and saw Tacking Point Lighthouse.

June 17 – Rest and Rain Day in Port Macquarie

June 18 – Port Macquarie –  Kempsey – 62 km Took Maria River Road parallel to the Pacific Coastal Road. After last night’s rain it was very muddy in places but still of lovely ride.

June 19 – Kempsey to Nambucca Heads – 65 km  We got a late start but lucked our with a fairly strong tail wind most of the way. Today was all highway – noisy but good shoulders until the last 10 km into Nambucca Heads. That road was VERY narrow with very large trucks. We were happy to find the cycle path about 2 km south of town.

June 20 – Nambucca Heads – Coffs Harbour 70km. The first 20km from Nambucca Heads is very busy with narrow shoulders. The rest of the route on Tourist Route 18 was quite nice. There is a bike path from Sawell into Coffs Harbour.

June 21 – Coffs Harbour to Grafton – 88 km. Rolling hills and beautiful scenery. (and tail wind 🙂

June 22 – Grafton to Yamba – 63 km – One of my favorite rides along the Clarence River. Last 10 km not so good…too much traffic.

June 23 – Yamba to Evans Head – 76 k  Ferry from Yamb to Iluka and then cycled through National Park. Pretty good should on PCH.

June 24 – Evans Head to Ballina – 56 km – very busy on PCH but then very quiet along river. Took Ferry across to Ballina.

June 25 – Balllina to Byrons Bay  – 49 km – Took the route along the sandy beach from Lennox Head to Broken Head – So fun! Cycled to the Lighthouse which is beautiful. Saw whales spouting in the distance. Saw a wallaby.

June 26 – Rain Day in Byron Bay

June 27 – Byron Bay to Kingscliff – 47 km – Rain off and on but not too heavy. Most of the road was on cycle paths. Lovely day.

June 28 – Kingscliff to Gold Coast/Surfer’s Paradise – 77 km. Bright, sunny day along pristine beaches and coastline. Amazing!

June 29 – Rest Day in Surfer’s Paradise – Rain/movies/swim in ocean..Loved it.

June 30 – Surfer’s Paradise to Garden City (South of Brisbane) -77 km. Tried to use the V-1 most of the day…Not a bad ride but nothing special with scenery…along the M1 motorway.

July 1 – Garden City to Brisbane – (28 km) – Followed V1 cycle path the whole way.

July 2 – Brisbane to Mt. Glorious and Mt. Nebo (88 km) Lots of hills and great views.

July 3 – Brisbane to Mt. Clootha (59 km) Another great view of the city plus cycling along the river.

July 4 – Drove to Noosa –

July 5 – Brisbane City (13 km)

July 6 – Brisbane to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (35 km) –

July 7-9 Brisbane and packing to fly.

12,751 kilometers to date!

July 10-11 – Flight to Frankfurt

July 12 – Explored Frankfurt and the surrounding areas- 58 km.

July 13 – Ran errands in Frankfurt – 28 km.

July 14 – Frankfurt to Mainaschaff – 62 km. – Cycled along the Main River and camped in Mainaschaff.

July 15 – Mainaschaff to Aschaffenburg to Frankfurt – 83 km.

July 16 – More Errands in Frankfurt – 30 km.

July 18  – Frankfurt to Mainz – 54 km. Cycled along the Main River until it intersected with the Rhine and then turned north along the Rhine River.

July 19 – Mainz to Rudesheim – 38 km. The ride was short but visiting Rudesheim was worth the overnight. I hiked to the Hildegaarde von Bingen’s Abbey through the vineyards. The musical machines museum was also very cool.

July 20 – Rudesheim to Koblenz – 77 km. A beautiful ride through the Middle Rhine. Three ferry crossings and a hike to Loreley broke up the day.

July 21 – Rest Day in Koblenz – 26 km Cycled to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and around town

July 22  – Koblenz to Bonn – 74 km.

July 23 – Bonn to Cologne (Koln) – 45 km. Beautiful weather. Not hot. Not cold.A little cloudy.

July 24 – Koln to Dusseldorf – 47 – Easy day.

July 25 – Train to Munster and met friends Thorsten and Sabine.

July 26 – Train to Frankfurt

July 27 – Frankfurt – 12 km

July 28 – Frankfurt – 8 km

July 29 – Train to Baden Baden – 17 km.

July 30 – Baden-Baden 31 km.

July 31 – Baden-Baden

Aug 1 – Baden -Baden to Strasbourg, France – 82 km.

Aug 2- Strasbourg, France to Freiburg – 91 km. Met up with friend Manfred

Aug 3 – Cycled to Ski Area in the Black Forest – 52 km. – Great ride up a hill except Eric was very sick.

Aug 4 – Train from Freiburg to Frankfurt –  12 km.

Total kilometers together with Eric 13, 726

Aug 5 – Train to Munich – 40 km of errands.

Aug 6 – Munich to Bad Tolz  – 80 km.

Aug 7 – Bad Tolz to Benediktbeuren 84 km. – Beautiful rolling hills.

Aug 8 – Benedicktberurn to Fussen – 124 km. This was a very long, hilly, hard day but the scenery was spectacular.

Aug. 9 – Fussen to LIndau – 74 km – Another pretty day.

Aug. 10 – Lindau to Bendigen, Switzerland – 82 km. (Ferry across Bodensee)

Aug. 11 – Bendigen to Waldshut – 82 km – Met a friend for dinner.

Aug. 12 – Waldshut to Basel – 72 km. Finished with this leg of the trip.

14, 364 Kilometers to Date.

Aug. 14 – Aug 18 – London for meeting Eric and R&R.

Aug. 19 – Basel to Biel/Bienne – 95 km. It took awhile to get out of Basel but for a good part of the trip I was on Route 50.

Aug. 20 -Biel Bienne to Yverdon-les-bains – 92 km. Took a ferry from Neuchatel to Portalban

Aug. 21 – Yeedon-les-bains to Geneva – 96 km. Hilly at first but lovely ride.

Aug. 22-23 Rest Days in Geneva.

Aug25 – Geneva to Nyon – 43 km on the middle hilly route.

Aug. 26 – Nyon to Lausanne – 52 km. Flat except for the ride into town up to the hotel. Steep!

Aug 27 – Lausanne to Leysin via Aigle – 32 km plus a ferry and a train from Aigle to Leysin (broken spoke day)

Aug 28 – Leysin to Sion – 54 km. Mostly flat and hot today. (Check brakes before heading downhill in Leysin)

Aug 29 -Sion to Visp – 76 km. Mostly flat. Nice scenery!

Aug 30 – Visp to Zermatt – 36 km plus 1100 climb uphill. Amazing to make it to the top and see the Matterhorn.!

15,000 kilometers total riding!!!



























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  1. My comment is really about “About the trip” and “crossing into Thailand.” Now, I get why your itinerary is only backward looking. I can’t imagine packing everything I need on a bike and setting off without know when I’m coming back (not that there’s really even a place to come “back” to!) You’re description of crossing into Thailand reminded me a little of my experience visiting Casey in Chiang Mai. For the equivalent of $2.00, I had a 75 massage that bear any fancy spa massage hands-down (or elbows and knees down.) The traffic was pretty scary, especially since I was riding with Casey on her motor bike. She kept a blog. I can prob find the link if you’re interested. I think not still exists because she has it on her resume. Well, Happy Trails!

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