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A Home Base for Cycling

Overlooking the Colorado River from the Kokopelli Trail near Fruita, Colorado.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. Yes, I’ve been cycling…a little…But, nothing of note and nothing that has inspired me to write.

Until now…sitting in our new “home base” for cycling…looking at the Colorado National Monument…feeling thankful that everything came together, contented to be in a beautiful and peaceful location, and excited about an upcoming cycling trip to Spain.

Here’s the brief recap of the past seven months…

In October, after our 11-month cycle tour of SE Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany, I moved back into our home in Washington State, supervised some remodeling and got the home ready to sell. Eric accepted an interesting/challenging opportunity for a little work in Egypt. We spent some time together during Christmas and New Years to drive around Colorado and explore our “perfect” retirement area knowing we wanted to be closer to our parents, adult children and cycling. We sold our Washington house and bought a home in the cycling-friendly town of Fruita, Colorado.

Just one of the bike stand-sculptures in downtown Fruita.

We chose Fruita for it’s eclectic vibe, smaller size, and proximity to great cycling from our front door. We wanted an affordable place where we could cycle or walk to a downtown, have easy access to the mountains, and be within a day’s drive of family.

Yesterday, after unpacking boxes for most of the morning, I took a well-needed break to run a few errands and explore our new “home town” with my bicycle. I strapped a light-weight Topeak Trunkbag onto the back rack of my “touring bike” which is really a mountain bike with a butterfly handle bar, an Old Man Mountain rack mounted through the back axel, and smooth 2-inch Schwabel tires and headed out.

My first stop was the relatively new (built in 2011) Fruita branch of the Mesa County Library and Fruita recreation center. I signed up for a library card, picked up a recreation guide and beamed at the fact that I can easily cycle to an indoor swimming pool and/or beautiful weight room or settle into the library reading room filled with newspapers and magazines all about five minutes from home.

Dinosaur bones and great cycling make this area fun to visit.

I then cycled past the post office, several banks, a grocery store and pharmacy to the hardware store where I picked up a few odds and ends for the house.

The weather was beautiful – sunny and warm with a slight spring breeze – so I decided to cycle an additional eight miles to the Grand Junction Best Buy along the lovely Colorado Riverfront Trail. Trees in full white blossom dotted the sides of the Colorado River which is swollen with spring run-off. Many groups of cyclists had the same idea as me and we waved, smiled or said “hello” in secret understanding that we are lucky to be riding on such a gorgeous day and in such a bike-friendly place.

After making my purchase at Best Buy and cycling home, with a nice tail-wind I might add, I stopped at the grocery store where I bought the makings of my first “home-cooked” meal in our new house. I stuffed the food into the bike bag and then rode to the center of Fruita where I took several photos in front of some of the funky, downtown street sculptures. I’d already been told of the upcoming Headless Chicken Festival and the story/legend of a farmer keeping an headless chicken alive for 18 months so I was excited to see the commemorative sculpture.

Mike, the Headless Chicken, the town mascot.

Arriving back home after about 18 miles of “errands”, I unloaded my bike with a smile on my face and the satisfaction of knowing that we chose a great place to cycle for retirement.

Once again, I’m inspired to blog and I’ll have a lot to talk about…

cycling in Andalusia where I’m meeting Eric next week,
cycling the Colorado National Monument,
mounting biking near Fruita,
riding the Kokopelli trail,