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Saying “Goodbye” to Australia

I’ve always hated goodbyes and it’s especially hard when I love a place. Sitting here at the Brisbane airport packed and ready to fly to our next destination would be easier if I hadn’t loved Australia so much. As it is, I’m actually a little sad about leaving. We’ve had a great cycling experience.

I couldn't get enough of the Brisbane River and the skyline.
I couldn’t get enough of cycling along the Brisbane River and the enjoying the beautiful skyline.

To make leaving even harder, we’ve spent just over one glorious week in Brisbane, the longest we’ve stayed in one place in months. It’s been awesome to relax and not be on the move every day.

Sunny with blue skies - what's not to love?!
Sunny with blue skies – what’s not to love?!

Thanks to the really nice people we’ve met, and the recent great bike rides (we loved Mt. Glorious, Mt. Nebo, and Mt. Clootha in Brisbane), and the perfect weather – sunny but not too hot -, and the excitement of being here when Queensland won the State of Origin decider in rugby (no offense to our New South Wales friends). We will leave Brisbane with smiles and good memories.

Enjoying a long walk before a long flight.
Enjoying a long walk along the river before a long flight.

Our week in Brisbane has been a fabulous end to our glorious two months and 2600 kilometers in Australia!

Even the sunset at the airport is beautiful.
The sunset is beautiful and the boxes are under 20kg each. Both bring smiles!

We love you, Australia! See ya later….