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Prize rooster

I know this post will get some feathers ruffled because it’s about cock fighting.  PETA and others who don’t like to watch animals fight find this sport appalling. And I, too, would probably find the sport very hard to watch if I actually went, but Eric and I didn’t actually go to a fight. We just listened to roosters cock-a-doodle-dooing all night long. It didn’t matter that their cages were covered with blankets to trick these feisty birds into thinking it was sleepy time. They have been bred to earn their owners some prize money, so cock-a-doodle they did.

In addition to hearing the roosters crow all night, Garmin led us to tiny, curvy one-lane, village motorcycle path that led us right up to a rooster fighting pen. When we stopped to take pictures, shy Thai neighbors walked slowly out to see what we were doing. Two girls peeked out their bedroom window. A teenage girl swearing a 100% fake Chelsea soccer jersey stood behind a tree and watched.

Several young men, maybe teenagers but I can’t tell – these Thai age beautifully – proudly brought their prize roosters to show us and even let us snap some photos with the champion fighters. I’m making the part up about the roosters being champions. I have no idea what a champion rooster looks like, but the owner was proud.

The rink (is that what you call it?) was covered to keep out the rain. The was a single halogen lightbulb strung across the circular pen so fights can be conducted at night. There were also wooden slats hanging from the ceiling showing the odds for each of the roosters. Chairs were scattered around the outside.

The roosters are covered at night but they still crowed almost all night.

I’m not here to debate the pros and cons of cock fighting. But, from what we saw during our ride today, aside from an occasional television and children glued to smart phones, there is not much in the way of village entertainment. I’m sure the bird’s sporting venue may be the hottest game in town.