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I Wore My Grumpy Pants Today

A scene from the road between Tuy Hoa and Ninh Hoa.

Don’t believe all those pictures on Facebook where the scenery is amazing, the cyclists look peppy after their 1500 meter climb in the rain, the food is delicious and is “exactly” what the picture showed on the menu, and the day’s roads look just like they do on Google satellite. The truth is that you’re going to have bad days..

Today was one of mine. I put on my grumpy pants as soon as I got out of bed. And I pedaled around in them most of the morning even going so far as to make Eric change into his grumpy pants, too.

What made me grumpy?

It could have been the lack of hot water in the shower(solar tanks on the roof with 4 days of rainy weather do not produce hot water).
It could have been the false advertising on the internet saying this 3-star hotel was new in 2013. (Real 3-star hotels have hot water heaters and the only thing new about this place was the name)
It could have been the karaoke blaring until way past my bedtime.
It could have been the fact that I was trying to save about 50,000 dong ($2.00) and the desk clerk would not match the lower Agoda price when we cycled to the hotel, so I booked the room on Agoda.
It could have been the desk clerk who could not find my booking from Agoda this morning (he also couldn’t find paper for the fax machine) so he made me pay cash to get my passports back meaning I’d double paid. (And, I’m kicking myself all to save $2.00)
It could have been the heavy rain and the grey skies.

Whatever the reason, it was a good day for Eric to ride far ahead or behind me because my obnoxious mood was contagious.

Eric riding down today's pass.
Eric riding down today’s pass.

Snapping like a turtle, I had stopped to take a few pictures for “memories”. Just then, two delightful Dutch cyclists pulled up beside us. Their cheery “hellos” and firm handshakes were all the nudging I needed to change into the best of myself. Pleasantries were exchanged, destinations compared and stops for coffee, lunch, a hotel and dinner ensued. It was a great end to a bad beginning.

Our new Dutch cycling friends.
Our new Dutch cycling friends.

That’s the beauty of cycle touring. Even on the worst of days, there is usually a silver lining. And, just to prove it, I bet you can’t guess which of these pictures were taken when I was “Debbie Downer” and others when I pulled my smile out of my pocket.

Trying to capture the lush green of the rice fields.
Trying to capture the lush green of the rice fields.